May 2019


You say goodbye, I say hello

by J.C. Noreika, MD, MBA

Valedictories evoke past and future, nostalgia and expectation. They present opportunities for reinvention.
EyeWorld’s metamorphosis into this polished publication affords such a moment. The creativity that spawned the new EyeWorld is striking. The internet has revolutionized the dissemination of information. EyeWorld responded by creating a resource that is impeccably organized, easy to read, and pertinent to the eye surgeon. Its tradition of intellectual rigor endures while deferring to the constraints of contemporary practice.
“Insights” has been a monthly feature of EyeWorld for 9 years. Its 1,000-word essays could fill a 400-page book. But it wasn’t my idea. Many years ago, Dave Karcher, then ASCRS executive director, proposed it during breakfast at an ASCRS ASOA Annual Meeting. He directed that I write on topics germane to medicine and ophthalmology. The objective was to produce a commentary stimulating thought and provoking reaction. Except for editorials in journals and periodicals, this was unique to ophthalmic literature. The unstructured mandate offered great latitude to experiment.
“Insights” embraced styles of short stories, one-act plays, book reviews, and interviews to expound on subjects such as marijuana, bioresearch, scope of practice, millennials in medicine, and most recently, physician burnout. Obamacare was interpreted with assistance from Lewis Carroll and his Alice.
Many colleagues have offered support, encouragement, and criticism. Most gratifying were those digital and hardcopy communiqués sent from overseas, a clear signal of ASCRS’ broad appeal. Many shared perspectives on their nations’ ophthalmic care. But unlike game-changing research, writing essays, as my friend Reay Brown, MD, reminded me, is an ephemeral pursuit. Even brilliant thought-leaders such as Christopher Hitchens and David Foster Wallace are too soon consigned to culture’s dustbin. I harbor no delusions of any lasting impact of “Insights” on my profession, organization, and peers.
The revitalized EyeWorld offers news of ASCRS’ contributions to our profession and the activities of its leadership. The sections on news, cataract, refractive, cornea, glaucoma, practice management, and so on are acutely defined and conveniently delineated. Contributions are shorter, more concise, and cutting- edge. For eye surgeons who enjoy printed words in the epoch of talking heads, it is the ideal way to stay current.
I’m not done yet. A renamed rendition of “Insights” will come to you on a quarterly basis. True to Dave Karcher’s charge and Steve Speares’ support, the column will provoke and, hopefully, compel. Topics will be timely and relevant to eye surgeons gleaned from fertile terrain for innovative ideas and procedures such as the ASCRS ASOA Annual Meeting. Future themes will explore developments in ocular gene therapy and look to the upcoming 2020 presidential election, to which all physicians best pay attention.
I will continue to rely on wisdom of those far swifter of thought than I. Author and journalist Anna Quindlen observed, “fact is different from truth and truth is different from insight.” Acknowledging this principle, I encourage readers to draw their own distinctions, and conclusions. For surgeons, for you.

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You say goodbye, I say hello You say goodbye, I say hello
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