October 2019


What ophthalmologists should be doing today

by Eric Donnenfeld, MD EyeWorld Chief Medical Editor

I’ve been in practice for more than 30 years, and I cannot recall a more turbulent time in ophthalmology. Reimbursement is declining. Hospital systems, insurance companies, and private equity are all consolidating healthcare. The government is mandating more rules on our profession. On the other hand, technology continues to improve. And while there is a pending shortage of ophthalmologists and patients, more people are willing (and able) to pay out of pocket for a premium outcome.
With this as a backdrop, my colleagues and I are asking a very simple question: “What should the practicing ophthalmologist be doing today?”
This is the crux of this month’s In Focus series. We have assembled a group of thought leaders from among our ASCRS and ASOA colleagues to answer four different questions.
1. How can ophthalmologists more accurately hit their refractive target in cataract surgery?
2. How do we best utilize electronic medical records?
3. How can we increase and/or add revenue streams in our practice?
4. How should we be engaging with social media?
Warren Hill, MD, Douglas Koch, MD, and Tal Raviv, MD, address the simple ways we can achieve emmetropia more frequently in our cataract surgery patients. Better IOL formulas, biometers, and topography significantly improve our refractive outcomes.
I have to admit that I entered the world of electronic medical records kicking and screaming. The insights and advice shared by Richard Davis, MD, Carrie Jacobs, COE, William Koch, COA, and Candy Simerson, FASOA, about the perils, pitfalls, and benefits of electronic medical records would have helped me then.
Hayley Boling, MBA, Richard Lindstrom, MD, Bruce Maller, and John Sheppard, MD, provide not one but six effective ways to improve upon current revenue streams that can easily be added to an existing practice.
Outside the walls of the OR and the office, I am sometimes baffled by the influence social media can play in our practices. Ms. Boling, Ryan Miller, and Ms. Jacobs provide expertise and wisdom into how we should be engaging social media to support and benefit our practice and patients.
These are certainly challenging times for our practices, and ASCRS, ASOA, and EyeWorld are here to meet these challenges and explore the opportunities that are now available.

What ophthalmologists should be doing today What ophthalmologists should be doing today
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