September 2019


Challenging Cataract Cases
“These stories are why we do what we do”

Better management of challenging cataracts gives patients incredible life improvement. Dr. Gayton shared three stories about treating hypermature cataracts and how it changed patients’ lives. “These stories and millions more like them are why we do what we do,” he said.
• While launching phaco in Mongolia a few years back and doing surgery on a hypermature cataract in an important person in that country, the host whispered to Dr. Gayton, “Do you realize that if you mess up, you are going to cause an international incident?” The pearl: Know how to handle hypermature cataracts, especially if you are doing surgery in third-world countries.
• A female patient had dense white cataracts for years in both eyes. Dr. Gayton performed simultaneous, bilateral surgery for the only time in his career. “We positioned her daughter so that the first thing she saw when opening her eyes was her daughter. There wasn’t a dry eye in the house,” he said.
• A patient with only weeks to live had bilateral hypermature cataracts. In the recovery area, the patient looked up, saw his daughter, and said, “That is the prettiest thing I’ve ever seen.”

“These stories are why we do what we do” “These stories are why we do what we do”
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