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Refractive surgery in military personnel and first responders Poll size: 122

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The topic of this Monthly Pulse survey was Refractive surgery in military personnel and first responders. We asked, What percentage of your refractive procedures in the last 12 months has been on military patients or first responders? The majority of respondents to our survey said 020%. We then asked which refractive procedure physicians use most often when operating on those in the military or first responders. The most popular answer was LASIK, and PRK was a close second. When asked, What do you think is the greatest impact that the Department of Defense refractive surgery program has had on your practice? the majority of respondents to this survey answered, It is unclear whether it has impacted my practice. The second most popular answer was, It improves patient confidence in the procedures. Finally, we asked, What other ophthalmic procedures do you think could be of further benefit to the military or first responders from a refractive standpoint? Responses were almost equally divided among topography-guided LASIK, femtosecond lenticule extraction, and crosslinking.

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Refractive surgery in military personnel Refractive surgery in military personnel
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