August 2020


Keeping up surgical skills

Manjool Shah, MD, assistant professor, Kellogg Eye Center, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, Michigan, during the YES symposium at the 2020 ASCRS Virtual Annual Meeting, presented on how to keep surgical skills sharp, a topic that’s still relevant as volume might be below normal.
He explained that surgical skills first start in your head, not your hands, so Dr. Shah recommended watching video of your routine cataract cases, taking notes, drawing diagrams, and imagining where you would make the incisions. While watching, consider the “why” behind everything you did and didn’t do. In watching complicated case videos, Dr. Shah said it’s important to go back and see why the complication happened in the first place.
Dr. Shah also mentioned devices and implants that can be used for training at home, such as the model eye SimulEYE (InsEYEt).
With these and other pearls, Dr. Shah ended his presentation by saying that they apply whether in a pandemic or not.
“[W]e can use this opportunity to develop ourselves and be that much better when this crisis is over,” he said.
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Keeping up surgical skills Keeping up surgical skills
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