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2018 AAO Annual Meeting • October 27–30, 2018
Glaucoma Subspecialty Day

by Ellen Stodola EyeWorld Senior Staff Writer/Digital Editor

Glaucoma Subspecialty Day will take place ahead of the 2018 AAO Annual Meeting in Chicago. This year’s program on Oct. 27 is titled “A New Renaissance.”
The program will be broken into seven sections, each highlighting a different topic within the subspecialty of glaucoma.
The first section will touch on new drugs. Presentations will cover topics such as the history of glaucoma medications, nitric oxide-donating drugs, trabecular meshwork-targeted drugs, alternative drug delivery systems, compounds, and how drug availability and pricing can affect the practice of glaucoma.
The next section will cover secondary glaucoma and pseudoexfoliation. Presentations will highlight some of the hallmarks and history of pseudoexfoliation, the genetic and environmental background of pseudoexfoliation, how genetics translate to Schlemm’s canal outflow, how pseudoexfoliation is different from other open angle glaucoma, treatment algorithms, systemic manifestations of pseudoexfoliation, and cataract extraction in pseudoexfoliation. A panel discussion will touch on different ways physicians can manage patients who have pseudoexfoliation.
The program will then turn to new surgeries, with topics relating to angle surgery, supraciliary shunt, ab externo and ab interno procedures, devices in the canal, and choosing the right MIGS.
Prior to a mid-day break, the American Glaucoma Society Subspecialty Day Lecture will be given by Marlene Moster, MD, Philadelphia, on “The Future of Sensors in the Diagnosis and Monitoring of Glaucoma.”
Another section of the program will look at new diagnostics and will cover topics such as home monitoring, OCT-A, and macular ganglion cell complex assessment.
Angle closure will also be covered, with a section on empirical vs. evidence-based clinical decision making. Topics will include gonioscopy vs. anterior segment OCT for narrow angles and angle closure, laser peripheral iridotomy, clear lens extraction, and more.
Presenters in another section will highlight “Exciting New Research,” with presentations on virtual reality and glaucoma, use of pluripotent stem cells in glaucoma, tele-glaucoma, metabolic imaging in retinal ganglion cells, artificial intelligence and glaucoma, Schlemm’s and collector channel imaging, and in vivo imaging of apoptosis.
Finally, the last section of the program will focus on surgical complications and will feature a presentation followed by discussion of each topic.

Glaucoma Subspecialty Day Glaucoma Subspecialty Day
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