May 2020


Glaucoma management in a post-COVID world

by Nathan Radcliffe, MD Glaucoma Editor

Nathan Radcliffe, MD Glaucoma Editor

As the COVID-19 pandemic has evolved and shut down ophthalmology worldwide, the horrible intersection between glaucoma and COVID-19 has become apparent. For example, older age is perhaps the most consistent risk factor for glaucoma progression, and it is also the most salient risk factor for COVID-19 mortality. This makes risk stratification challenging for important glaucoma check-ups during this time. In other words, and not to put too fine a point on it, the already difficult job of preventing blindness from glaucoma got even tougher. In order to meet the challenges of the post-COVID-19 era, we will need to elevate our glaucoma care to the highest level. We will need to take advantage of all of the best therapies and diagnostic approaches in order to serve our patients efficiently and effectively. Enter this issue of EyeWorld.
We begin with a look at COVID-19 and move to a focus on glaucoma practice and medications, highlighting some new and emerging therapies. Lama Al-Aswad, MD, and Blake Williamson, MD, discuss the first FDA-approved sustained delivery medication for glaucoma. I think therapies like this will be of critical importance for keeping patients safe, at home, and treated during the pandemic. Next, Albert Khouri, MD, Daniel Lee, MD, and Janet Serle, MD, review the three most recently approved topical glaucoma medications, all of which have some action in the trabecular meshwork. These therapies all have significant efficacy and will be valuable to our patients. Given that we have new glaucoma interventions that are safer, it is time to revisit what constitutes maximum medical therapy for glaucoma with Reay Brown, MD, Linda Huang, MD, and Swarup Swaminathan, MD. Finally, glaucoma specialists Kelly Muir, MD, Robert Noecker, MD, Alan Robin, MD, and Dana Wallace, MD, discuss barriers to adherence and glaucoma therapy, a topic that will be critically important as our patients try to juggle taking their eye drops along with meeting the challenges of the pandemic.
Managing glaucoma has never been easy, and today’s environment presents new and unique challenges. EyeWorld is here with some valuable information that should help us expertly manage glaucoma in the post-COVID-19 era.

Glaucoma management in a post-COVID world Glaucoma management in a post-COVID world
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