April 2020


Glaucoma Editor speaks on unprecedented times

by Nathan Radcliffe, MD Glaucoma Editor

As a New York City physician, my approach toward managing my severe glaucoma practice during the COVID-19 outbreak has evolved rapidly in the week during which the city came to represent 5% of the cases worldwide. My initial intention was to continue seeing urgent and emergent glaucoma cases, but this quickly became unmanageable, as multiple staff members developed the virus and our office had to close. I am now encouraging other ophthalmologists who are continuing to see glaucoma cases to consider closing their offices during this period of exponential virus outbreak. As time goes on, it will become necessary to see glaucoma patients in the office setting. Hopefully, by that time we will have flattened the curve, and there will be some herd immunity and/or effective prophylactic therapies that can make routine glaucoma care safe again.

Glaucoma Editor speaks on unprecedented times Glaucoma Editor speaks on unprecedented times
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