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Get a jump start on education at the 2019 ASCRS•ASOA Annual Meeting with ASCRS Subspecialty Day

by Denise Monasterio ASCRS Marketing and Communications Manager

The 2019 ASCRS•ASOA Annual Meeting kicks off on Friday, May 3 with ASCRS Subspecialty Day. ASCRS Refractive Day, ASCRS Glaucoma Day, and Cornea Day will highlight the most important topics in cornea and lens-based refractive surgery, glaucoma management and surgery, and cornea and cataract surgery, presented by world-renowned experts. While there is a separate registration and fee for ASCRS Subspecialty Day, these specialized programs provide engaging and valuable education attendees won’t want to miss.
When attendees register today for ASCRS Subspecialty Day, they gain access to all three programs. Plus, registrants for the Annual Meeting and ASCRS Subspecialty Day will receive on-demand access to all sessions, lectures, and symposia within 48 hours. Whether attendees missed a presentation, want to revisit a particular topic, or want to view all three programs in their entirety, ASCRS Subspecialty Day On-Demand has it all.
For the best value, register for the “Annual Meeting + ASCRS Subspecialty Day” category, which provides full access to all ASCRS programming such as instructional courses, symposia, and ASCRS Subspecialty Day. Visit AnnualMeeting.ascrs.org/subspecialtyday for full information.

ASCRS Refractive Day

ASCRS Refractive Day, sponsored by the ASCRS Refractive Surgery Clinical Committee, provides a comprehensive overview of all the advances in refractive surgery and will discuss innovative techniques and new surgical technologies to help improve outcomes.
“ASCRS Refractive Day is shaping up to have action packed, informative sessions on corneal and cataract refractive surgeries,” said Rosa Braga-Mele, MD, co-chair of the ASCRS Refractive Day Program Committee. “We have presentations from many prominent ophthalmologists and many who will be commenting as panelists, and we have a very exciting Steinert Lecturer.”
ASCRS Refractive Day is broken up into four separate sessions, each focusing on a particular subject:
• Session I: Refractive Corneal Surgery
• Session II: Premium Refractive Lens Surgery
• Session III: Tips, Pearls and Take-home Messages
• Session IV: Choosing and Using the Right IOL
The four sessions include interactive case studies, lectures, debates, and more. ASCRS Refractive Day also features the renowned Steinert Refractive Lecture. This year’s lecture, “LASIK: The Myths, Misconceptions and Reality” will be given by Eric Donnenfeld, MD, chief medical editor of EyeWorld.
More information and a detailed program schedule can be found at ASCRSRefractiveDay.org.

ASCRS Glaucoma Day

ASCRS Glaucoma Day, sponsored by the ASCRS Glaucoma Clinical Committee, provides cutting-edge guidance to improve patient outcomes and change the treatment of glaucoma. Acclaimed speakers, real-world case studies, debates, videos, and the latest surgical techniques and clinical advances make this a unique and valuable event.
“Glaucoma Day will continue to focus on the latest clinically relevant information that you can implement in your practice immediately following the Annual Meeting,” said Douglas Rhee, MD, chair of the
ASCRS Glaucoma Clinical Committee and chair of the ASCRS Glaucoma Day Program Committee.
ASCRS Glaucoma Day is a comprehensive program that will cover a variety of topics including:
• Glaucomtecken: Practical Tech for the Modern Ophthalmologist
• Medications and Lasers: Practical Concepts for Enhancing Glaucoma Care
• Surgical Glaucoma Spotlight: Personalizing the Surgical Management of Glaucoma in the MIGS Era
• GFC Debate Rematch 2019
More information and a detailed program schedule can be found at ASCRSGlaucomaDay.org.

Cornea Day

Cornea Day, sponsored by the ASCRS Cornea Clinical Committee and the Cornea Society, is a premier 1-day interactive program on cornea and cataract surgery. The program features panel discussions, case studies, debates, and surgical video reviews to cover pertinent topics and the latest innovations and techniques for this specialty. Topics covered include:
• Session I: Advanced Techniques on Anterior Segment Reconstruction
• Session II: Corneal and Lamellar or Transplant Surgery
• Session III: Preparing the Ocular Surface for Cataract Surgery
• Session IV: Controversies and Complications
This year, Session II will also feature two new video competition sessions, both under the title “The Bad, the Ugly and the Unbearable.” The audience will vote for the winner during the second session.
“This year’s Cornea Day has been completely redesigned to highlight the great advances and the significant challenges occurring in the corneal specialty today,” said Francis Mah, MD, program co-chair of Cornea Day. “Video is arguably the best method for learning within our specialty, so the second session is a new exciting session on corneal and lamellar transplant surgery with a video competition where an international panel of experts and the audience get to vote on the best advances and management of issues that can arise in the OR at any time. The idea of the entire program is for the attendee to be able to take home new ideas and techniques that can be used right away in the clinic and OR.”
For more details, visit www.CorneaDay.org.
All three subspecialty days are approved for Continuing Medical Education (CME) credit. Visit AnnualMeeting.ascrs.org/education/credit for full credit information.
Be sure to register before the Tier I deadline of Wednesday, February 6. Visit AnnualMeeting.ASCRS.org to register today.

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Get a jump start on education at the 2019 ASCRS•ASOA Annual Meeting with ASCRS Subspecialty Day Get a jump start on education at the 2019 ASCRS•ASOA Annual Meeting with ASCRS Subspecialty Day
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