April 2019


EyeWorld is my world

by Eric Donnenfeld, MD, EyeWorld Chief Medical Editor

EyeWorld has changed, and that’s a great thing for our readers. We’ve always been the definitive anterior segment periodical, currently delivered monthly in print to 15,000 ophthalmologists and many more online. We are dedicated to providing current and valuable commentary and information to all anterior segment surgeons.
EyeWorld is an integral part of ASCRS and not just because ASCRS created it in 1996. Together, EyeWorld and ASCRS provide information you need to become better ophthalmologists. One does it through journalism and the other through the stewardship of an organized association.
EyeWorld’s task is to provide balanced reporting for the field, and it stays focused on clinical and cutting-edge issues important to ASCRS members. This has created a strong, credible publication among ophthalmology publications.
EyeWorld as a magazine and event partner is about more than just cataract and refractive surgery. We are also a source of glaucoma and cornea information. We share the latest developments in the field by the innovators who developed and studied new technologies. We provide onsite coverage of conferences and report on the latest discussions for those unable to attend.
In an ever-changing ophthalmic world with patients coming in with higher expectations for better outcomes, EyeWorld and ASCRS are indispensable. And we need to adjust with our members and readers. What’s going to be different as we move forward?
ASCRS has a new mission statement, which Steve Speares, ASCRS executive director, details on page 12. Part of this mission is the new tagline, featured on this issue’s cover: “For Surgeons. For You.” This magazine and society are for all eye surgeons, no matter where you are in your career, what your subspecialty is, or what your professional opinion about the latest controversy is. There is something for every anterior segment surgeon here.
EyeWorld will continue to tackle the complex topics in anterior segment surgery on a regular basis, with experts providing a range of views. We will also continue to provide the tools for beginning to expert ophthalmologists to make the jump to the next level of surgical expertise. This is immediately evident in the range of discussion about innovations in lenses in this month’s In Focus. In addition, we continue to provide useful information about ASCRS, as you can see in the section entirely dedicated to a preview of the program and activities at the ASCRS ASOA Annual Meeting.
In the pages of this issue, you can see that EyeWorld has changed its size and offers a new interior layout, with a cleaner, more creative look. The scope of the editorial coverage is the same, but some updates have been made to streamline our publication. These changes make for a new reading experience.
As you enjoy this new version of EyeWorld and prepare to attend the best anterior segment surgery meeting in the world, the ASCRS ASOA Annual Meeting, remember that ASCRS and EyeWorld are for you. We will keep up the tradition of excellence, focusing on clinical content for our members, and continue to strive to improve everything we do.

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EyeWorld is my world EyeWorld is my world
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