December 2019


A day in the life of Jason Feuerman, MD

by Liz Hillman EyeWorld Editorial Co-Director

Jason Feuerman, MD, hand on the doorknob pauses, takes a breath, blows it out before turning the knob, and presses in to greet his next patient on a busy Friday afternoon in August.
“I have to work for my weekend,” Dr. Feuerman said on a busy clinic day where he sees several refractive cataract surgery patients with questions about the benefits and limitations of their new lenses, patients who needed YAG capsulotomies, cataract consults, and a few dry eye sufferers. “You get to see the real Friday afternoon.”
A cornea and cataract specialist at the Eye Institute of Austin for the past 4 years, Dr. Feuerman jokes about being the window washer of the eyes.
“There is a cloudy window and we’re going to make it clear; it’s just very gratifying to see those outcomes in patients,” he said.
On average, Dr. Feuerman sees about 30 patients in his clinic days, a slightly lower volume than some, which, he said, is intentional. Dr. Feuerman said the Eye Institute of Austin tries to maintain a low-overhead practice, which allows him and fellow partners to work four days a week. Dr. Feuerman said the fifth day is typically an admin day.
“It’s a little more laid back in that sense,” Dr. Feuerman said. “The best thing about my particular practice is, I think, the flexibility and collegiality between myself and my partners. We all work really well together, we all add something to the group, and it’s not uncommon for us to be bouncing ideas off each other, questions off each other.”
In black scrubs and Brooks running shoes, Dr. Feuerman is always on the move between patient visits. He toggles between two patient exam rooms, equipment rooms, and occasionally makes a stop in his personal office. When he’s not seeing patients or checking on various items, he does a little bit of coding while standing at a computer outside his exam rooms.
As the day wound down and there were only a couple of patients left on the schedule, both of whom were in testing with techs, Dr. Feuerman had a moment with nothing to do. He thrives more in a flurry of activity and finds a lull a bit disconcerting.
“There’s nothing I can do,” he said, waiting for his patients.
Though Friday, Dr. Feuerman was on call this particular weekend and was helping educate young eye surgeons in wet labs at the ASCRS Combined Ophthalmic Symposium.

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A day in the life of Jason Feuerman, MD A day in the life of Jason Feuerman, MD
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