March 2020


Cataract Day added to Monday program at ASCRS Annual Meeting

The inaugural ASCRS Cataract Day will take place on Monday, May 18 at the ASCRS Annual Meeting in Boston, Massachusetts. Based on attendee feedback, this full day of programming will be focused entirely on cataract surgery. Led by the Cataract Clinical Committee, ASCRS Cataract Day is designed to provide real-world cases, practical information, and video instruction for anterior segment surgeons at all experience levels. To increase attendee engagement, sessions will include audience response questions and answers, panel discussions, analysis, and highlights of key findings from the ASCRS Clinical Surveys.
Kevin M. Miller, MD, ASCRS Cataract Clinical Committee chair, helped plan parts of Cataract Day, which he said is a concentrated way for attendees to get all the latest information on cataract surgery in one place.
The first session will cover “Cataract Surgery Essentials: Surviving and Thriving in the Clinic and Operation Room.” Dr. Miller called it “the stuff you need to know to perform refractive cataract surgery right now.” The session will feature data from the 2019 ASCRS Clinical Survey and will include presentations on astigmatism, toric IOLs, handling posterior capsule rupture and vitreous loss, and more.
The early afternoon session will focus on advanced cataract surgery, expanding on topics from the first session of the day. Dr. Miller said it will cover topics such as complications and management and poor outcomes.
Cataract Day will conclude with the popular ASCRS Cataract Surgery Olympics, which features four international teams of cataract surgeons competing in a video session, highlighting practical pearls for routine and complicated cataract surgery.
“If someone wanted to get the A to Z of cataract, they would want to think about parking themselves in the Cataract Day ballroom and staying all day,” Dr. Miller said.
“Most of our ASCRS members consider cataract surgery to be their most important surgical procedure,” said Edward Holland, MD, ASCRS program chair. “The concept for ASCRS Cataract Day is to provide a dedicated day of cataract education that delivers a comprehensive overview and update on the various aspects of cataract surgery—diagnostics, surgical techniques, new IOLs, and complication management. The program committee thinks members will find this an efficient and valuable experience in their cataract education.”



Cataract Day added to Monday program at ASCRS Annual Meeting Cataract Day added to Monday program at ASCRS Annual Meeting
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