November 2019


ASCRS taking nominations for inaugural Educator Award

by Liz Hillman EyeWorld Editorial Co-Director

Everyone, at some point in their lives, has been influenced by a teacher, mentor, educator. ASCRS is establishing a new award to be presented at the ASCRS Annual Meeting to honor one of these exceptional individuals, and nominations for the inaugural ASCRS Educator Award are being accepted through November 29.
“I feel like all of us who go through training in ophthalmology, we know those special individuals who have really taken the time, effort, and dedication in their careers to train trainees as well as peers,” Terry Kim, MD, ASCRS president-elect, said. “I think it’s due time that we take this opportunity to recognize their achievements.”
Education is a central tenant of ASCRS’s mission statement. Nominees for the 2020 ASCRS Educator Award, which will be presented at the Annual Meeting in Boston, include:
• Demonstrated passion and commitment for education and leadership
• Selfless in the pursuit of expanding knowledge and skills in the interest of improving patient outcomes
• Must be an ASCRS member focused on anterior segment surgery, in practice for 5+ years
Dr. Kim described the qualities that he thinks define an educator: altruism and foresight. “Most of the folks that I feel who are qualified to receive this award are extremely altruistic with their time and devotion to teaching. And many times it’s on a completely voluntary basis,” Dr. Kim said. He also said that such individuals also have the foresight to understand the need for passing down knowledge to the next generation. “We have to leave behind a legacy of trainees who are going to be just as skilled, if not more skilled than us, in order to provide the highest level of care for our patients so they can have optimal outcomes with their surgical procedures,” he said.
Dr. Kim said he has had a number of people who have influenced his career, but he also specifically mentioned the impact of ASCRS.
“I remember my first ASCRS meeting as a second-year resident. I was fortunate to have great educators during my residency and fellowship, and I am grateful and indebted to every single one of them. When I experienced my very first ASCRS, I realized how education transpires on such a broad scale. There are so many different formats for learning ophthalmology at the Annual Meeting that are accessible and all-inclusive. It’s not just going to a skills transfer wet lab and learning how to put in the newest implant. It’s not about just attending a cataract symposium and picking up a surgical pearl. It is also about networking with KOLs, colleagues, industry executives, and society representatives and having valuable hallway discussions, lunch meetings, etc., about new surgical techniques and devices, practice management tips, industry trends, clinical trials, and so many different opportunities in the field.”
Submit your nomination for the ASCRS Educator Award at

ASCRS has a foundation and long history in its commitment to education. More than 1,500 ophthalmologists volunteer their time and expertise to make the
following educational opportunities
happen at ASCRS:
•ASCRS Annual Meeting
•ASCRS Summer Break and ASCRS Winter Break
•ASCRS webinars
•ASCRS sessions and videos on demand
•ASCRS satellite CME programs •EyeConnect
•Journal of Cataract & Refractive Surgery
•EyeWorld news magazine

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ASCRS taking nominations for inaugural Educator Award ASCRS taking nominations for inaugural Educator Award
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