March 2021


ASCRS prepares for 2021 Annual Meeting in Las Vegas

by Steve Speares ASCRS Executive Director


ASCRS announced that the 2021 Annual Meeting will be held July 23–27 in Las Vegas, Nevada, moving from the previous location of San Francisco, California. While planning for the change, the ASCRS Executive Committee wrestled with the question: Is it too early to return to a live meeting format?
ASCRS President Terry Kim, MD, thought the safety measures being put in place helped drive the enthusiasm and excitement to return to an in-person event. “We will be working with Mandalay Bay Convention Center and hotel staff providing the safest meeting environment possible,” he said. “The facility’s hospital-grade air filtration system and the Mandalay Bay’s Seven-Point Safety Plan, developed with medical professionals and put in place by the facility, will provide the latest in health and safety for guests and staff.
“As we all continue to adapt to the evolving COVID-19 environment, I know many of us are experiencing fatigue in terms of our clinical practices and virtual conferences. That is why I am so excited about the announcement of our in-person annual meeting in Las Vegas. I could not think of a better destination where we can all get back to interacting with our friends and colleagues and experiencing the outstanding educational events of ASCRS.”

Returning to live meetings

The move to Las Vegas allows ASCRS to have its first meeting in 800+ days in as safe a meeting venue as can be reasonably organized. Some of the safety-first features that aid in the effort to put on such an event include:
• Onsite COVID testing capability and contact tracing
• Fifth largest convention center in the U.S., allowing a social distancing-compliant setup
• 30-foot convention center ceilings with high-grade HVAC system designed to provide as much outside air circulation as possible throughout the convention center and guest rooms with air filters that meet or exceed published standards
• MGM/Mandalay Bay Seven-Point Safety Plan
• SafeConnect initiative from Freeman, ASCRS’ event management partner
• Touchless check-in and meeting registration options
• Multiple hand sanitizing stations
• Frequent cleaning of hard surface, high-touch areas
• Masks mandate

Unmatched anterior segment education

As we return to live meetings, ASCRS brings together the top thought leaders and researchers in all areas of anterior segment surgery and treatments. This year’s meeting introduces a newly established named lecture series and countless educational opportunities. Most importantly, we bring back the opportunity to connect with colleagues face to face. Highlights of the meeting will include:
• Inaugural Lindstrom Lecture acknowledging the 40+ years of immeasurable contributions to ASCRS by Richard Lindstrom, MD
• Binkhorst Lecture delivered by Richard Lewis, MD
• Kelman Innovator Lecture delivered by Stephen Slade, MD
• 37 hours of CME-accredited content covering all aspects of anterior segment surgery and disease management
• Smaller roundtable discussions with leading experts in the field of cataract surgery, presbyopia correction, astigmatism management, OSD, cornea stem cell treatment, refractive diagnostics and laser treatment, MIGS, and many other burgeoning categories of anterior segment surgery
• Cornea Day, Refractive Day, and Glaucoma Day on Friday, July 23

Reigniting the human connection

No matter the efforts put toward virtual learning events and online resources, there is no substitute for the learning opportunities afforded by discussion, feedback, and spontaneous debate. It is the ability to connect at a personal level that so heavily enhances the learning experience. ASCRS Annual Meeting attendees will find:
• The keynote speech will be given by Scott Gottlieb, MD, former head of the Food and Drug Administration and a leading authority on COVID-19.
• All hotel rooms are directly connected to the Mandalay Bay Convention Center, ensuring a well-controlled and convenient venue that maximizes their time at the meeting.
• The ASCRS Tap Room: Located in the Exhibit Hall, this space will allow attendees a convenient locale to continue the conversation, sit for casual meetings, and reignite shared passions with peers while enjoying a beverage and snack.
• Ophthalmology Quicksand Chronicles LIVE with Nicole Fram, MD, and Elizabeth Yeu, MD. Catch one of ASCRS’ newest education platforms as Dr. Fram and Dr. Yeu chat with fellow surgeons about the most impactful events in their careers and how those moments taught them lessons they rely on today.
• ASCRS Glaucoma Clinical Committee Chair Leon Herndon, MD, and a panel of speakers will tackle the role race plays in delivering equitable eyecare to underserved patients in this timely social conversation.

Edward Holland, MD, chair of the ASCRS Program Committee, thinks this gathering will be remembered for years to come. “As physicians, we acknowledge that SARS-CoV-2 will be a threat that we will be dealing with for the foreseeable future. The ASCRS Program Committee and Executive Committee think that we have created as safe of an environment as possible along with an outstanding educational event. If you are looking forward to attending a live meeting, the 2021 ASCRS Annual Meeting is the one for you. This promises to be an exceptional meeting designed to provide the best education, inspiring speakers, and great opportunities for attendees to network with colleagues. As clinicians, we gain some of our most valuable insights from talking with our colleagues, and we have seen this type of learning cannot be duplicated in a virtual environment. We look forward to seeing our friends and colleagues in Las Vegas this July.”

ASCRS prepares for 2021 Annual Meeting in Las Vegas ASCRS prepares for 2021 Annual Meeting in Las Vegas
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