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ASCRS hosts first annual Medical Education Summit

Back row from left: Elizabeth Yeu, MD (ASCRS leadership), Cal Roberts, MD (Bausch + Lomb), Sonia Murphy
(Takeda), Georgea Pasedis, PharmD (Dompe), Yari Mitchell (AcuFocus), Erin Powers (Carl Zeiss Meditec), Bob Butchofsky (Mati Therapeutics), Jai Parekh, MD (Allergan), Steven Zhang, MD (Kala Pharmaceuticals), Will Heydorn (Johnson & Johnson Vision), Rebecca Winter (The Fundingsland Group); middle row from left: Magda Michna, PhD (AcuFocus), Jonathan Talamo, MD (Johnson & Johnson Vision), Michael Breen, OD (Alcon), Raj Rajpal, MD (Avedro); front row from left: Annamarie Piccioni (New World Medical), Angela Justice (Sun Pharmaceuticals), Felix Dover (Kala Pharmaceuticals), Brad Fundingsland (The Fundingsland Group), Deborah Berry (ASCRS); not available for photo: Eric Donnenfeld, MD (ASCRS leadership), Jamie Lynne Hart (Ocular Therapeutix), Keyur Patel, PharmD (EyePoint Pharmaceuticals)
Source: ASCRS

In January 2019, ASCRS hosted a Medical Education Summit attended by medical education and medical affairs leaders from 12 ophthalmic companies. The inaugural summit was led by ASCRS Executive Committee member Eric Donnenfeld, MD, and Cornea Clinical Committee member Elizabeth Yeu, MD. ASCRS presented findings from the 2018 ASCRS Clinical Survey and potential education gaps and areas of need that will be addressed in future ASCRS educational programming. Areas of need include presbyopia correction, astigmatism management, and ocular surface disease, among others. New potential topics include retina considerations for the anterior segment surgeon, drug delivery, and comprehensive cornea.
As part of ASCRS’ educational plan, the society sponsors educational activities throughout the year including the ASCRS ASOA Annual Meeting, ASCRS Subspecialty Day, satellite education programs at major medical conferences, webinars, and monographs, all with the purpose of addressing the educational needs of members and ophthalmologists.
To expedite the narrowing of educational gaps, Dr. Donnenfeld emphasized the need for multiple education touchpoints throughout the year. In addition to live CME symposia at the ASCRS ASOA Annual Meeting, education grant plans include CME print monographs, webinars, podcasts, and video interviews. Dr. Yeu further emphasized the need to reach younger physicians by providing online toolboxes, educational resources, and guidance documents available for download at any time.
The education needs assessments for the solicitation of unrestricted educational grants from industry are established by the review and analysis of ASCRS Clinical Survey data along with other data sources. The 2018 ASCRS Clinical Survey was conducted in April 2018 to assess clinical opinions and practice patterns. More than 1,000 physicians responded to more than 150 survey questions. Within the survey, ASCRS members answer key questions relating to current issues they encounter regularly in their practices. At the close of the survey, representatives from the ASCRS Clinical Committees review and interpret the results and make recommendations for future educational programming.
The ASCRS Clinical Survey has been conducted annually since 2013. The positive impact of data-driven education plans has become apparent. For example, survey data over the past 5 years reveal that there has been an almost 50% reduction in the percentage of respondents who think that 10 or more degrees of postoperative rotational error in toric IOL patients is acceptable before visual quality and acuity are significantly affected. The data show that increasing physician confidence in a technology drives increased patient access to that technology. For example, the percentage of ASCRS Clinical Survey respondents who currently perform MIGS increased from 16% in 2014 to 49% in 2018.
The goal is to continue the ASCRS Medical Education Summit on an annual basis to address the shared mission of delivering high-quality education that ultimately improves patient care.

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ASCRS hosts first annual Medical Education Summit ASCRS hosts first annual Medical Education Summit
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