June-July 2020


ASCRS Foundation prepares for 6th anniversary of Operation Sight

Volunteers of Operation Sight celebrating National Sight Week at Fichte, Endl & Elmer Eyecare
Source: Fichte, Endl & Elmer Eyecare

Operation Sight patient post-cataract surgery with volunteer surgeon and Wichita Vision staff
Source: Wichita Vision Institute

With the 6th anniversary of Operation Sight approaching, the ASCRS Foundation is reflecting on the successes of its ever-growing charitable cataract surgery program. Operation Sight’s mission is to help uninsured or underinsured patients in need and provide care to countless American patients who would otherwise fall under the radar.
With more than 4,500 patients served and a growing volunteer network of more than 500 surgeons in 48 states, Operation Sight demonstrates the power of generosity and unity to address a pressing need. Since 2014, the domestic initiative has leveraged the support of volunteer surgeons to provide patients with life-altering surgery. Charitable cataract surgery offers patients the independence to return to work, serve their communities, take care of their families, and resume their lives with a new appreciation for sight.
The drivers of the program’s success are an opportunity for volunteer surgeons and staff to give back to their communities and to reaffirm their own belief in the life-altering power of ophthalmology. Volunteering with Operation Sight as a physician, administrator, or member of an eyecare team offers a unified system for changing lives.
The ASCRS Foundation is extremely grateful to those who embrace this chance to give back. The volunteer network’s commitment to including humanitarian care in their busy schedules has allowed Operation Sight to expand its reach nationwide.
Each October, National Sight Week celebrates the impact of volunteerism on the lives of thousands of patients across the country. This year’s National Sight Week campaign will be held Sunday, October 18 to Saturday, October 24, 2020. In preparation, the ASCRS Foundation is working to recruit additional volunteers to match with patients in need in their own communities and to increase awareness of a patient population that often goes unnoticed.
If you are interested in learning more about volunteering with Operation Sight, visit ascrsfoundation.org.


Jaya Minhas: jminhas@ascrs.org

ASCRS Foundation prepares for 6th anniversary of Operation Sight ASCRS Foundation prepares for 6th anniversary of Operation Sight
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