January 2010




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The Coalition to Prevent Sports Eye Injuries (Hackensack, N.J.) “was created to substantially reduce the number of avoidable eye injuries that occur in today’s sports and recreational environment. This mission will be achieved through the implementation of proactive programs targeting the education of eye care professionals, organized sports organizations, government agencies, parents and participants with regards to both the risks of sport-related eye injury as well as effective measures of prevention,” according to its Website. Among the group’s objectives are the elimination of “street wear” in sports, and extending protective sports eyewear use information to the non-ophthalmic population. Contact Paul Berman, OD, FAAO, chairman, for more information. Dr. Berman can be reached at 866-265-3582 or pberman@sportseyeinjuries.com. The Sports Ophthalmic Society of the Americas (Memphis, Tenn.) was founded by ophthalmologist Rolando Toyos, M.D. It cites as its mission “to advance the art and science of sports ophthalmology by bringing together team ophthalmologists, team optometrists, trainers and other sports eye care providers to accumulate learning, promote discussion and development, and educate its members to provide the best possible care.” The group puts on a Vision and Basketball lecture and is currently working on a similar course on baseball for an upcoming American Academy of Ophthalmology meeting.

Organizations to know Organizations to know
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