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Perspective in Lens and IOL Surgery

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To compensate for the reduction in the thickness of the lens, its design is based upon the four-point haptic design of its predecessor, the Akreos AO, with a unique haptic shape. In order to limit any pressure, which may be exerted on the optic, the external portions of the haptics, known as the absorption zone, undergo deformation in three dimensions. The base of the haptics is rigid and thicker, and together with the optic, forms the foundation zone.

Neutral to the cornea, the lens is suitable for all patients regardless of corneal shape. It allows the eye to maintain its natural degree of corneal positive spherical aberration, while providing improved contrast sensitivity, with good depth of field vision. Optical misalignment or pupil decentration does not affect lens performance because of its true aspheric design. With a uniform refractive power from centre to the edge of the optic, the lens is able to provide more predictable, repeatable refractive outcomes.

In early 2008, the Akreos MI60 won gold at the Medical Design Excellence Awards, a leading medical awards program for the medical technology industry.

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More about the Akreos MI60 IOL More about the Akreos MI60 IOL
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