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Effect of PCO on visual function




A recent study found no significant difference in the effect of posterior capsular opacification (PCO) on visual function between patients with monofocal and multifocal intraocular lenses (IOLs).

Published in Eye, the study compared the effect of clinically significant PCO on visual function in thirty-three consecutive patients with monofocal IOLs (24) and multifocal (nine) IOLs.

Co-authored by Mostafa A. Elgohary MRCOphth, Ophthalmology department, Essex County Hospital, Colchester, U.K., the study excluded patients with concurrent cause of visual loss or pupillary distortion. The study compared LogMAR high- and low-contrast (10%) distance visual acuity (VA), logMAR near VA, Pelli–Robson contrast sensitivity (CS), colour confusion index (CCI), and the presenting symptoms between the two groups, the researchers wrote.

There was no significant difference between the proportions of patients with different PCO grade in the two groups. Furthermore, at presentation, the multifocal group showed significantly greater high- and low-contrast distance VA (0.40 vs 0.20; P=0.04 and 0.34 vs0.98; P=0.006) than the monofocal group. The researchers found no significant differences in the near VA, CS, and CCI between the two groups. In addition, the researchers wrote that the visual functions above were not significantly different between the two groups after capsulotomy. Blurred distance and near vision were found to be the most frequent presenting symptoms (95.8% and 100%, respectively, in the monofocal group and 88.9% and 66.7% respectively, in the multifocal group). The researchers also reported that a greater proportion of patients in the monofocal group had blurred near vision (100% vs 66.7%). While the symptoms in the majority of patients in the monofocal group were moderate to severe, in the multifocal group the symptoms were mild to moderate.

The study authors concluded that the effect of PCO on visual function in the two groups seemed comparable. However, patients in the multifocal group appeared to have an earlier loss of visual function.

Source: Elgohary MA, Beckingsale AB. Eye 2006; Epublication, Dec. 22.

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Effect of PCO on visual function Effect of PCO on visual function
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