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ASOA mini-surveys can help benchmark your practice

by John Ciccone ASCRS Director of Communications



They’re called Friday Focus Surveys, and they can help you to benchmark a wide variety of important office policies. The brainchild of Robb Linnafelter with Eye Surgical Associates in Lincoln, Nebraska, the surveys are sent out to the full the membership of the American Society of Ophthalmic Administrators (ASOA).

“While these are not scientific surveys, they generally get a 10 percent response rate,” says ASOA executive Director Karen Krzmarzick, CAE, CMP, “as such, they provide a good snapshot of the industry at any given point in time.

“I find the Friday Focus surveys very valuable. Knowing what other practices are doing on these different topics reassures me that I am keeping my practice within the “standard of care” so to speak. It also helps put some topics “in my radar” that may have taken a while to get there,” says Brenda Purvis, Casey Eye Institute, Portland, OR. The topics for the survey’s are generated by the users of the ASOA EyeMail lists, which includes sub lists for business, optical, and ambulatory surgery center discussions. As a result, the surveys can be quite varied and cover a wide range of topics, says Krzmarzick.

For example, recent surveys looked at malpractice insurance, online scheduling software, wireless Internet, dilating consent forms, how deductibles are handled, just to name a few. Originally, we looked at our lists and selected the hot topics. Now members are writing in with suggestions, so the surveys have become a hot topic in themselves, says Krzmarzick. Because of the level of interest, we are now designing survey that will be more in depth. As an example, the ER compensation Agreements Survey, was very popular and we’ll be doing an in depth look at that this summer, says Krzmarzick. The surveys have been collated and published in a first-edition booklet entitled Ophthalmology Benchmarks: A Compilation of 2008 ASOA Friday Focus Surveys. It will be available for $20 at the ASCRS and ASOA Resource Centers the San Francisco ASCRS ASOA Symposium and Congress. The booklet can also be obtained through the bookstore on the ASOA website, www.asoa.org, by e-mail ASOA@ASOA.org or by phone, 703 591 2220.


John Ciccone is director of communications for the American Society of Cataract and Refractive Surgery. Contact him at 703-591-2220.

ASOA mini-surveys can help benchmark your practice ASOA mini-surveys can help benchmark your practice
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