July 2019


Announcing National Sight Week
October 20–26

by Evelyn Morales ASCRS Foundation Program Coordinator

Operation Sight partner Houston Eye Associates Foundation show their support during National
Sight Week.
Source: Houston Eye Associates


Operation Sight is a network of volunteer organizations and ASCRS members who provide care to Americans unable to access or afford cataract surgery. Launched in 2014, Operation Sight matches eligible patients with volunteer surgeons in their own communities, and provides administrative and other assistance necessary to simplify the process.
In an effort to broaden the growing Operation Sight network and address the backlog of Operation Sight patients across the U.S., the ASCRS Foundation began the National Sight Week initiative in October 2016. National Sight Week is a celebration of volunteerism during which members of the ASCRS Operation Sight network are encouraged to contribute one or more charitable cataract surgeries to local needy patients.
The ASCRS Foundation is pleased to announce the 4th annual National Sight Week will take place October 20–26, 2019.
“Operation Sight makes it possible to care for patients who would otherwise have no access to the surgical care they need,” said Emily Graves, MD, Operation Sight volunteer surgeon. “Blindness is more than just lack of vision; it’s a loss of independence, employment, and personal freedom. Cataract surgery for these people restores far more than just vision, and partners like the ASCRS Foundation help make that happen.”
To date, Operation Sight has provided more than 2,500 charitable cataract surgeries to patients most in need.
Here is what you need to know to participate in this year’s National Sight Week.

Interested volunteers

Visit the Operation Sight Volunteer Portal at ascrsfoundation.org/NationalSightWeek to learn more and to register to volunteer.

Registered volunteers

Are you a registered volunteer, but haven’t completed a charitable surgery through Operation Sight? Contact Evelyn Morales, ASCRS Foundation program coordinator, to see what your options may be to complete a charitable surgery during National Sight Week. Are you an active Operation Sight volunteer? Visit our updated volunteer toolkit at ascrsfoundation.org/toolkit to see how you may be able to promote your participation through Operation Sight. The Foundation has updated its resources this year, including updated social media graphics and a custom vinyl banner for your practice to share.
For more information on Operation Sight or National Sight Week, contact Evelyn Morales at emorales@ascrs.org or by phone at 703-788-5786.


“Thank you so much for providing me with the opportunity to have cataract surgery! With the help of Operation Sight I am able to see clearly again. I am forever grateful for the compassion provided by your organization.”
—Operation Sight patient

“Thank you all from the bottom of my heart for my recent cataract surgery. I am seeing much better now and am able to search for a job, which is going to change my life.”
—Operation Sight patient

Contact information

Morales: emorales@ascrs.org

Announcing National Sight Week October 20–26 Announcing National Sight Week October 20–26
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