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7th annual ASCRS Clinical Survey opens online April 15

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The 2019 ASCRS ASOA Annual Meeting marks the 7th annual ASCRS Clinical Survey. The 2019 survey builds on the success of prior surveys, in which thousands of ASCRS member ophthalmologists participated.
This year, ASCRS members can participate as early as April 15, or they can take the survey onsite during the Annual Meeting.
While many surveys yield important data, the ASCRS Clinical Survey is unique in that it assesses key clinical opinions and practice patterns of ASCRS members to guide ASCRS’ educational activities. Participants will also be entered into a raffle for various prizes. 
The survey asks ASCRS members key questions relating to current issues they regularly face. The goal is to obtain opinions and practice patterns from a significant percentage of the membership. The ASCRS Clinical Committees then review and interpret the results and make recommendations for future educational programming.
Many symposia at this year’s meeting incorporated data from prior surveys to develop content.  The 2018 survey results were also used as criteria for driving more than 10 different ASCRS/EyeWorld CME Educational Symposia at this year’s Annual Meeting. Past survey results can be accessed at supplements.eyeworld.org.
The 2019 ASCRS Clinical Survey will include a wide range of contemporary topics, including management of residual error in presbyopia-correcting IOL patients, assessment and management of dry eye and meibomian gland disease, how to mitigate or eliminate post-cataract surgery inflammation, management trends of glaucoma in conjunction with cataract surgery, and exposure of advanced techniques and technology to young physicians.

How to participate

ASCRS members can complete this survey in 15 minutes. The survey tool will permit members to identify their preferred category of questions (refractive, cataract, etc.) and will include about 60 questions on various topics. Physicians can complete the survey in two different ways.

1. Physicians can go to ascrs2019.questionpro.com between April 15 and May 31 to take the survey at their convenience. They can also scan the QR code to the right to go to this website.
2. Physicians can take the ASCRS Clinical Survey in the Sails Pavilion of the San Diego Convention Center, May 4–6. Representatives will hand participants a tablet to complete the survey. While taking the survey, participants can sit comfortably, charge up personal devices, and enjoy a cup of coffee.

By completing the survey, respondents will provide important data to help influence future education. Respondents will also be entered into a daily raffle at the Annual Meeting to win several prizes.
This fall, a supplement will be published in EyeWorld with a summary of the key findings from the survey. In addition, future presentations and publications will be developed based on the survey data and identified education needs in the coming year.

7th annual ASCRS Clinical Survey opens online April 15 7th annual ASCRS Clinical Survey opens online April 15
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