May 2020


2020 ASCRS Virtual Meeting set for May 16–17

The 2020 ASCRS Virtual Meeting will take place on May 16–17, featuring virtual educational opportunities and ways to interact with industry and colleagues. The meeting will feature a variety of sessions including livestreamed symposia and courses, as well as papers, posters, skills labs, and films.
“It’s unfortunate that this unprecedented pandemic has caused a huge change in our lives,” said Edward Holland, MD, ASCRS program chair. “But we understand our members still want education, and they also want some advice on how to get back to work, which is a big issue. We think we have a very robust agenda with a wide variety of materials to help physicians consider important aspects of surgery and getting back to the practice of ophthalmology.”
There will be hundreds of hours of programming on the virtual platform, as well as opportunities to earn CME credits.
The 2-day meeting will feature a selection of live-streamed symposia and instructional courses. Much of the symposia content will be developed by the ASCRS Clinical Committees and will cover topics in cataract, refractive, cornea, and glaucoma. A special session featuring former FDA Commissioner Scott Gottlieb, MD, discussing COVID-19 and the roadmap to reopening is also planned, as are interviews with both the incoming and outgoing ASCRS presidents.
“Turning the Lights Back On” is an informational web portal developed by ASCRS for its members, and during the virtual meeting, there will be a special two-part symposium discussing the topics and concerns about reopening. These sessions will be held on Saturday morning and Sunday morning, Dr. Holland said, and will highlight the physical, psychological, and financial aspects of returning to patient care.
Sessions will be running concurrently, so attendees will have the option to choose the topics of most interest to them. There will also be Q&A and chat functions for attendees to interact with the faculty.
On-demand presentations of clinical papers, posters, and films will be available for viewing, including slides, video, and audio. There will be 600 papers and 400 posters available, as well as a skills lab library highlighting surgical techniques, Dr. Holland said. There will be a livestream of the ASCRS Film Festival and more than 200 films available to view. Attendees will also have the option to network in a small group format with ASCRS experts.
The latest industry-sponsored educational content will be available in a corporate education “room,” and a full virtual Exhibit Hall will provide product and service information, links to additional materials, and the opportunity to network directly. Attendees will have the option to book one-on-one appointments with industry representatives, Dr. Holland said.
The 2020 ASCRS Virtual Meeting content will continue to be available to registrants following the 2-day meeting and includes a subscription for additional content to be released throughout the year. All meeting attendees will have unlimited access to the hundreds of hours of content and bonus subscription content through the ASCRS website for up to 1 year.

2020 ASCRS Virtual Meeting set for May 16–17 2020 ASCRS Virtual Meeting set for May 16–17
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