September 2019


2019 American Academy of Ophthalmology Annual Meeting program preview

Friday, October 11

Refractive Surgery Subspecialty Day. Douglas Koch, MD, will give the keynote lecture on “IOL Calculations: Can We Do Better?” to kick off the program. Other areas of the program will focus on the current state of intraocular refractive surgery, corneal laser vision correction, updates in refractive surgery, video complications, and late breaking news. Another keynote lecture by J. Bradley Randleman, MD, will cover “Identifying the Pre-ectatic Cornea: Big Steps, Missteps, and Next Steps.”

2019 Cornea and Eye Banking Forum. This will feature scientific free paper presentations, several award presentations and lectures, and two mini-symposia.

Saturday, October 12

Cornea Subspecialty Day. Topics to be covered include an ectasia update, dry eye/ocular surface disease, infectious keratitis, keratoplasty and keratoprosthesis, anterior segment tumors, and inflammatory diseases of the cornea. During the day’s programing, Clara Chan, MD, will present on the management of ocular cicatricial diseases, and Stephen Pflugfelder, MD, will speak on what’s new in topical anti-inflammatory agents/management of atopic and vernal conjunctivitis.

Glaucoma Subspecialty Day. Topics to be covered include knowing the ins and outs of imaging, rethinking everyday topics (such as glaucoma drainage devices and medications after MIGS), glaucoma surgery case presentations, open angle glaucoma with low pressures, and more. The program will feature a special lecture on “An IOP-Controlling Aqueous Outflow Pump: Emerging Evidence and Clinical Implications.”

Vision Rehabilitation for Glaucoma. This symposium will highlight low vision rehabilitation for glaucoma, and presentations will focus on interventions for patients with glaucoma, the role of the ophthalmologist in referring glaucoma patients to vision rehabilitation services, and more. There will also be a Q&A and discussion.

Sunday, October 13

Optimizing Outcomes in Toric IOLs and Managing Challenging Situations. This video-assisted course will present practical tips and tricks for precise alignment of toric IOLs and achieving optimal outcomes. David F. Chang, MD, and Boris Malyugin, MD, PhD, will serve as two of the instructors.

Advanced Refractive Cataract Surgery and Anterior Segment Reconstruction. This course will focus on managing difficult cataracts with zonular dehiscence and dislocated IOLs. Instructors at the session will include Brock Bakewell, MD, Alan Crandall, MD, Samuel Masket, MD, and Richard Hoffman, MD.

Cataract Surgery: The Cutting Edge. This symposium will include short video presentations of ideas, techniques, and devices for cataract surgery. The session will feature David Chang, MD, Richard Lindstrom, MD, Edward Holland, MD, and other surgeons from around the world.

Picture This: Imaging for the Anterior Segment Specialist. This symposium is co-sponsored by the Cornea Society and will highlight various available imaging devices and techniques like corneal topography and tomography, corneal epithelial thickness mapping, OCT, in vivo confocal microscopy, and more. The session will also feature the Castroviejo Lecture, to be given by John Dart, MD, on “Acanthamoeba Keratitis: Getting the Treatment Right.”

Ophthalmic Premier League: A Team Symposium on Managing Cataract Complications. This team-based symposium includes video presentations of cataract complications and their management. The session will be chaired by Amar Agarwal, MD, and Richard Lindstrom, MD, and will feature four teams of surgeons sharing cases.

Monday, October 14

Spotlight on Cataract: Complicated Phaco Cases – My Top 5 Pearls. Experts will share their top five pearls for managing a variety of complicated cataract situations in this session, which will be chaired by David Chang, MD, and Nicole Fram, MD. The session will feature Nick Mamalis, MD, Eric Donnenfeld, MD, Terry Kim, MD, Edward Holland, MD, Preeya Gupta, MD, Douglas Koch, MD, Thomas Samuelson, MD, John Berdahl, MD, Nathan Radcliffe, MD, and more.

ASCRS Essentials: The Complete Guide to the Management of Astigmatism at the Time of Cataract Surgery. This symposium is co-sponsored by ASCRS and will feature discussion on technology and techniques affecting cataract surgery. The session will be chaired by Edward Holland, MD, and Kevin Miller, MD. Topics include modern day lens power calculation, how to measure astigmatism, how much astigmatism to treat, indications for PCRIs, femto arcuate incisions, and toric IOLs, evaluation of astigmatism, and management of suboptimal refractive outcomes. There will also be a panel discussion.

Innovations in Refractive Surgery. This symposium will cover some of the latest innovations in refractive surgery like gene therapy for the cornea, allogenic inlays for presbyopia, light adjustable lens technology, and refractive index change.

Tuesday, October 15

Toric Alignment Imaging and Astigmatism Surgery. This course will address the management of astigmatism in cataract surgery and will cover new technologies and techniques that can be used. Instructors include Elizabeth Yeu, MD, Kevin Miller, MD, and more.

Delivery of Therapeutics to the Posterior Ocular Segment. This symposium will look at technologies in various stage of development that deliver therapeutics to the posterior ocular segment. Topics include nanoparticles, sustained drug delivery systems, gene therapy, and more.

Recent Advances in the Diagnosis and Management of Endophthalmitis. This symposium will feature presentations on technologies and techniques for diagnosis, prevention, management, and treatment of endophthalmitis.

2019 American Academy of Ophthalmology Annual Meeting program preview 2019 American Academy of Ophthalmology Annual Meeting program preview
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